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Late last night I started smelling wood smoke, though nobody would have their fireplace going in this weather. I'm smelling it again tonight, but Cal Fire isn't reporting any wildfires in the area. The nearest one is across the valley in Glenn County, in the coast range, then there are two in Siskiyou County, upwards of a hundred miles north, and one in Madera County, over a hundred miles south. I suppose the smoke I smell might be coming from Glenn County, but smoke from the other fires coming this far is pretty much out of the question.

Oddly, there were helicopters in the air over the south end of town much of the day, and I thought they might be monitoring a fire somewhere around the lake, but I guess not. So, two mysteries. Where is this smoke coming from, and what were those helicopters up to?

This evening I remembered to water the sourgrass by the front porch. It had started drying out already, but maybe the watering will be able bring it back now that we're going to have a few cooler days. The oleanders along the back fence, that I thought dead, are getting some new leaves on them, so maybe they will survive after all. It's taking an awful lot of water, though. I'm not sure they are worth it. So far we haven't gotten any restrictions on watering this year, despite the minimal snow in the mountains last winter, but I'm expecting we will gt some soon. If so, then the oleanders will just have to go back to dying.

Despite the smoke, the strongest smell in the yard is still the jasmine. It started slow, but is really making up for it now. I can't remember it ever smelling so strong before. Maybe it will wear itself out early this year. Usually it lasts into early July, but it might be gone sooner if the plants are using up all their perfume-producing power now.

I'm actually pretty tired tonight,even though I didn't do much today, and it hasn't been as hot as it was. I didn't sleep well for a couple of days due to the heat, so that's probably it. I might go to sleep early tonight. If the smoke doesn't keep me awake.

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