rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It's down to about 85 degrees this evening, from a high of 92. The house remains at 74, but will probably climb a bit as the heat the attic has stored up radiates down. It's likely to be a few hours before I can got my windows open and start collecting nocturnal air. The low is supposed to be 67, so I doubt I'll be able to get the house below 70 before morning. That will be quite a head start for tomorrow's heat, as it got down to 66 indoors last night. I'm not counting on being quite comfortable until late Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

Tomorrow I go shopping, and it's always warmer at the lower elevation where Safeway is. The stores themselves will be air conditioned, of course, but traipsing through the parking lots is going to be unpleasant. Plus the air conditioner in the car isn't working, so the trip there and back will be pretty bad, too. Thank goodness the days in the middle of the week will be down in the low eighties before spiking again next weekend, and some of the nights will be dipping sown into the fifties.

Naturally I didn't spend much time outdoors today. I just went out to give the feral cats their food and refill their water bowls. Raccoons had fouled the water overnight, so the kitties were happy to get it replaced. I'll change it again after it gets a bit cooler this evening. I might spend a lot of time outside tonight, as there will be no English people murdering one another on television, the local PBS stations both having begun another beg-a-thon. I will get an hour of Canadians murdering one another on one of the cable channels, and while that's not an ideal substitute for English murder, at least it's not American murder.

That all begins in about ten minutes, and I'm sure the computer will be better off napping. I suspect that the heat is as unpleasant for electronics as it is for me. I'll try to forget for a while that tomorrow will be worse.

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