rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It was perfectly splendid today— cool, partly cloudy, and breezy. The sun was in and out, the young leaves rustled, and the birds chirped contentedly. I did absolutely no yard work, preferring to laze about and fill my memory as best I could with the images of spring, so soon to be gone. We never get very many days as nice as this in any year, and this year it seems we've had even fewer than usual, so I thought it best to savor it while I could.

It's supposed to get much warmer tomorrow— hot, in fact— and even tomorrow night's low will be warmer than today's high was. It's going to get quite chilly tonight, though, and I'm expecting the furnace to come on, perhaps for the last time until fall. Tomorrow morning I'll warm the house with fresh outdoor air just a bit, then close the windows until evening. I might be able to keep them open all night again tomorrow night, which will mean capturing some of the fragrance of the newly bloomed jasmine. I'm looking forward to that.

While there are some hot days coming up, I doubt I'll be needing the air conditioner just yet. Although the nights will also be getting warmer, they should still be cool enough to chill the house overnight. All I need to do is be sure I'm awake early enough in the mornings to get those windows closed before the day's heat starts flooding in.

Tonight I'm going to have some soup. Hot soup on a chilly night is another memory I want to store up now to recall over the sultry summer. I'll think of it while storing up memories of fresh melons and cold, fizzy drinks to remember next winter.

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