rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Fragrant Chill

Well, it didn't get into the 80s after all, but it got closer than 75. I was able to have the windows open all day, after having them open all night last night, and the house got down to about 67 and then up to 70. Tonight is going to be colder than last night, though— in fact it already is— and tomorrow is supposed to be a mere 66, but I'm guessing it will be closer to 79. I'll enjoy it while I can. It's supposed to get into the 90s over the weekend.

The jasmine is finally blooming, and the night is scented with it, but it's going to be too chilly to stay outside tonight. Friday will be the first night when it will be sufficiently balmy to remain outdoors for long, and that will be the first of June. I'm actually pleased that the latter part of spring has been so mild this year. I haven't even had to think about the air conditioner. As the nights are not expected to get above 65 for the next week I should be able to cool the house nocturnally and get through the upcoming hot days without mechanical assistance.

To my surprise I have three golden poppies blooming in the back back yard. For a few years I had quite a few, but last year none emerged, and I thought them gone for good. I don't know if the plant I've got this year germinated from seeds left by the old poppies, but dormant for a year, or if a bird brought seeds from elsewhere as a gift. Birds probably brought my wild petunia, my rose campion, my lupines, and my dame's rocket, so this poppy plant could be another avian's doing.

Oh, dear. Look at the time. It gets late so early this time of year. I must go fix something to eat. I got computerbound and totally forgot to have lunch today.

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