rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Time Out of Mind

There was a bit more rain last night, and when I went outside this morning the leaves were covered with dew. It remained overcast until mid afternoon, then cleared and we had a few hours of sunlight, but it never got very warm. Tomorrow will get warm. It will be an open window day, as well as a shopping day.

High levels of grass pollen are predicted. I expect to sneeze quite a bit. The rain we've had the last couple of days will not significantly impeded the drying process. In a few days I expect most of the local fields to be brown. Summer, after all, is almost upon us.

The nettles are numerous this year. I didn't see many when the plants were small because they were hidden among the other weeds. Now that the other weeds are dying back, the nettles are exposed, but still difficult to pull up because they are entangled with other plants. At this point the only way to be rid of them will be a massive mowing. It will have to take place soon, and will have to be followed by a massive raking, lest the seeds spill themselves upon the ground, which will make for an even bigger crop of them next year.

The late sunsets are still throwing me off. With so much daylight I never realize how late it is until it is too late. I keep forgetting about the show I want to watch on television that comes on at seven o'clock. That's just too early for television this time of year. But at least I remembered the English murders at eight o'clock.

Also dinner is too late. I might just heat up a can of soup. Temporal derangement is such a pain in the arse.
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