rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Fake News!

The forecast lied. The high today was about twenty degrees above the predicted high of 57. There was not rain at midday, either. They are now predicting showers for tomorrow, and a high of 55. I'm betting that will turnout to be a lie too. They are also predicting possible showers Saturday, with a high of 67. More lies, I'm sure. Who is making these forecasts, Scott Pruitt?

Anyway, the evening has cooled off quite a bit, as clouds began coming in late this afternoon. I guess it's just as well I didn't do the laundry today. It would never have air dried, considering that I didn't get up the second time until after one o'clock this afternoon. I was awake from about six o'clock this morning until about nine, but managed to get back to sleep. A purring cat helped. But I didn't think of doing the laundry this morning, as I was still expecting the forecast to be partly correct, and then it was too late this afternoon by the time I realized the forecast was way off.

I want to get started on fixing my late dinner now, as I intend to make something that will take about 45 minutes, and I want to eat by ten o'clock, when English people might murder one another on television. That they will be English is only tentative, as the show takes place in the West Indies, and sometimes the murderers and/or victims are locals. But usually they are English, even there, and one of the detectives is English, so as far as I'm concerned it counts.

The shopping trip this week will probably be on Sunday, as I've heard nothing about going tomorrow, and it's probably too late now. It looks like I'l have to take an advance of next month's grocery money out of the bank, as the nephew who owes me money has not coughed it all up yet, and I doubt he'll do so in time. If he doesn't provide it next month it will become doubtful that I'll have enough on hand for the big fire insurance bill that comes due in August. But then I can always cut back on the cat food bill by slaughtering the nephew and feeding him to the cats, so I won't start worrying yet.

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