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This evening I did some watering in the back yard. The parts of the jasmine hedge that died back during the drought are getting some healthy new growth, but it's likely to be years before it's back to what it was before, if it ever recovers completely at all. Some of the oleander bushes that almost died last winter are also getting a few green leaves, though I doubt all five of the plants will recover.

It's going to be very expensive to bring these plants back, too, as they are very thirsty and water is very costly here. The jasmine will be worth it, but I'm not that fond of the oleanders. The flowers are pretty, but most of the year the bush just looks sad and shabby, even when it isn't nearly dead.

The forecast is still predicting some rain around the middle of the day tomorrow, but my willingness to spend money watering tonight shows how little faith I place in that forecast. We are most likely going to get skunked. We might get thunder and lightning with little or no rain, which as far as I'm concerned is about as much fun as having the dry heaves. Of course actual rain is nothing like the wet heaves, so the comparison will break down if we do get some rain.

It's very placid tonight, with lots of little clouds drifting around, obscuring and revealing the moon every few minutes. I enjoy watching that sort of sky, but I got hung up on the Internets again this evening and haven't gotten around to fixing my dinner yet. I'll have to eat something before I can go hang out on the porch, lest I put it off so long that my blood sugar crashes and I fall asleep from exhaustion, still unfed.

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