rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Around one o'clock this afternoon it began clouding up, and I heard thunder, but no rain fell and by three o'clock it had cleared up again and the sky had returned to its accustomed silence. Tomorrow is expected to be much like today, but a few degrees cooler, and Thursday will be cooler still. The oddest thing in the forecast is the 80% chance of rain Friday morning, and the high temperature of 62 (!) degrees that day. How surpassingly odd. But after that the heat returns, and it could be getting into the 90s by the middle of next week. I'm going to enjoy that cool day while I can.

There was a hummingbird in the yard this afternoon, visiting the handful of roses that have bloomed. There are more buds waiting to open, but fewer than in past years. The rose bushes are getting old, and could probably use a good dose of fertilizer (that which the feral cats leave now and then apparently being inadequate.) That might coax a couple more years of decent blooms out of them. I'm getting old, too, of course, but I doubt that fertilizer would do much for me.

The chiropractic adjustment went well enough today, though I expect to be a bit sore tomorrow. Luckily there's nothing I'll have to do, so I can just spend the day relaxing and recovering. I'll spend tonight relaxing and recovering, too. Hell, I might just spend the whole remainder of the week just relaxing and recovering, while waiting for the jasmine to bloom. You can do that sort of thing when you get old and beyond the help of fertilizer.

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