rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Calm Before

Today would qualify as hot. It nosed up into the low eighties, and I left my windows closed until late afternoon. It felt a bit muggy, too, as clouds took over much of the sky this afternoon, though they moved on to hover above the mountains by evening. The did provide some nice color at sunset, turning pink and attracting my attention so completely that I forgot to go around tot he west side of the house and look at the actual sunset.

Worse news than the heat is the forecast of a possible thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. Electrical storms are to be feared this time of year, especially this late in May when much of the tall grassy plants in the fields and forest glades has dried and is ready to burst into flames. Lightning is just the thing to cause that burst. That I have an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow afternoon is just bonus bad news. Plus it is probably going to be very nearly as warm as it was today.

But tonight is pleasantly cool, and I can sit on the back porch and listen to the single frog who left his colony and the background crickets who are increasing in number. The jasmine has not yet bloomed, but is very close, and in a few nights I'll have its fragrance to enjoy while moongazing. The frog might not be around by then, but at least there will be more crickets.

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