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The jasmine is very close to blooming, and next week might bring some slightly warmer nights through which the fragrance will drift under the waxing moon. I can hardly wait. But there could also be rain. The latest forecast has a 37% possibility Saturday night. It has been raining recently up in the mountains and in parts of the valley, but so far all we've had here is that brief sprinkle the other day. Rainy season and jasmine season overlapping is very unusual.

I keep forgetting to do my laundry. The dryer still hasn't been fixed, so I have to air dry it, and today would have been a good day to do that as it was sunny all afternoon. Starting tomorrow it's going to be partly cloudy again, which lately has usually meant mostly cloudy, plus there is some chance of the rain arriving early, if it arrives at all. Such unpredictability makes me anxious. I don't want to have to go out and save half dry laundry from getting wetter in the rain, and don't want to bring it in not fully dry in the evening because there was insufficient sunlight.

Tuesday will be chiropractor day, if nothing goes wrong. A low grade headache I've had the last couple of days might be due to my neck out of alignment, or it might be due to spring allergies. If it's the former the adjustment ought to take care of it, although six weeks between adjustments means that they sometimes are difficult and sometimes don't give the best results. I hope this one is an exception. Spring is easier to enjoy if my neck is not out of alignment.

Dinner is late again tonight, again due to a disrupted sleep schedule, so I'll probably be microwaving another frozen burrito. That's the easiest and quickest thing to fix that I've got on hand. But my supply is running low. One or another of the markets better have them on sale again soon. Otherwise I'll have to pay full price, and they never taste as good when they are that expensive.

Late, late, late.

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