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Random Crap [May. 17th, 2018|09:30 pm]
This evening I've got some tinnitus, and it's interfering with my enjoyment of the lone frog and lone cricket. It dies not do anything bad to my taste buds, though, so I am enjoying the Ghirardelli raspberry chocolate bar I bought at Grocery Outlet Sunday. They had a two-for-one sale, and now I wish I'd bought a dozen or so. It's very tasty. I'm even enjoying the tiny crunchy bits in it that might be raspberry seed particles.

Early this afternoon it became overcast, and then for about thirty seconds it actually sprinkled. Real drops of water falling from the gray spring sky! It might have happened again, but if so I wasn't outdoors at the time so never knew. The one time I did see it there wasn't enough to leave any trace on the ground, so there probably wasn't any any other times it might have happened either.

My sleep was divided into two chunks today. I woke up sometime around five o'clock in the morning, then went back to sleep around nine and slept until a bit after noon. Very strange. The rest of the day I pretty much wasted on the Internets, mostly digging through old magazines at the Internet Archive. When I was a kid I loved going through old magazines in thrift shops. I had no idea I'd be doing the same thing digitally when I got old. I do miss the way they smelled, though. The Internet Archive provides no smell. I have to leave that to Portia. And raspberry chocolate bars.

The warming continues tomorrow, with no end in sight, but the slight chance of rain still exists on Monday, and now on Tuesday as well. Maybe it will be like the unpredicted rain we had today, and not really amount to anything in the end. It would be nice to get enough that I don't have to water the yard next week. But only if there is no lightning with it.

Portia is sneezing. I don't know if she has caught a kitty cold, or has developed kitty hay fever. I do hope she doesn't decide to start sneezing in my face when I'm sleeping. There's no way to keep her from curling up next to my head when I'm asleep. Maybe I'll wear a hoodie and pull it over my face.