rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The cool, cloudy day was a nice change. The night is not much different from last night, though. It's very still and quiet, except for that one cricket and one frog. Tomorrow the sun should be out and it's going to warm up quite a bit. But today the lawns got mowed, and there'll be nothing that needs to be done in the yard tomorrow so the heat won't be a problem.

It would be nice if we could have a day like this about once a week all through the spring. I'm sure we won't, of course. Though none is showing in the long range forecast, I'm sure we'll be getting an actual heat wave before long. We've been lucky so far this month, and such luck is unlikely to hold much longer.

Earlier I spoiled my dinner with popcorn, so I haven't fixed a meal yet. I'm debating whether I should make a sandwich or microwave a couple more of those frozen burritos. I certainly don't feel like fixing anything elaborate. It's too bad my regular oven still isn't working, or I could just bake a potato. I'd have been eating them all winter had the oven been functional, but now the baking season is almost over.

That means the oven will soon be fixed, but I won't use it for making much of anything but garlic toast until next fall. Actually I've been using it for garlic toast all along, since the heating element for the broiler still works. The element for the oven is not too expensive, but getting a nephew to install it (I'm the opposite of handy that way myself) has proven to be difficult. Note to self: in the future do not break oven and nephews at the same time.

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