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There is a frog out tonight, much closer than the colony along the little stream to the east. He must have found a yard with a tiny pond in it or something, while the other frogs were heading toward the bigger pond to the south. He sounds like he's no more than a couple of hundred feet away. He sounds very lonely, singing away all by himself.

The cricket sounds lonely, too. So far I'm hearing only the one cricket tonight. One cricket, one frog. Maybe other crickets will start chirping later. But then it's pretty cool tonight, and supposed to get down to fifty degrees, so the crickets might decide to hunker down in silence. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be only a bit over sixty, but the forecast has probably underestimated. It was supposed to be below seventy today, but it felt warmer.

I heard a very loud bird flying over the neighborhood a while ago, but it was already too dark to see what it was. It was as loud as a trumpeter swan, but with a deeper and rougher voice. Maybe it was a mutant goose. With all the agricultural chemicals in the runoff from the fields in the valley I'm always expecting the birds who overwinter here to start mutating. Someday I will see Goosezilla flying over my house, I'm sure. When he does I hope he doesn't decide to crap on me.

The forecast is predicting a 45% chance of rain next Monday. One would think this would make me happy, but this late in the spring rain is almost always accompanied by an electrical storm. Lightning is the last thing we want this time of year. That happened in 2008, when a very active thunderstorm came through in May and started hundreds of fires in the drying grass and chaparral all over the region, and they burned well into fall. We had to evacuate. There were only two feral cats hanging about then, and they were on their own for almost four days. There are way more of them now, and even if the fire never got to them they'd probably end up eating each other.

I've got an appointment with the chiropractor for next Tuesday afternoon. I think I'll have a couple of drinks before going, just to get relaxed. That always makes the adjustment a bit easier. As long as I don't fall off that little table.

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