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My furnace is still turning itself on early in the mornings. That's because I'm not doing a very good job of capturing the day's heat. I need to start getting the windows open earlier in the day. For several days I was waking up too late, but today I was up before eleven o'clock so I have no excuse. I totally forgot the windows until it was too late in the day to open them at all. That's going to cost me on this month's power bill. It's going to be chilly again tonight, and it's already down to 67 degrees in here. The furnace will probably come on around three o'clock this morning, and keep cycling on until about ten tomorrow morning. Stupid of me.

Aside from my brain failures I'm enjoying the mild weather, and even managing to pluck some more of the weeds in the back back yard. Today I yanked up quite a few nettles, and only got stung a few times. I'm sure there are more of them out there, and they will soon get to the point where they start jumping onto my pants and socks and the fur of the feral cats, so I really need to get them out of there. But my eyesight is getting worse, and the nettles are mingled in with other plants, which makes them even harder to see. Several times today I though I was just grabbing foxtails, and ended up with nettles too. That's when I got stung.

Tonight I'm not hearing the frogs anymore, though there are now a couple of crickets nearby, so I've still got music when I go out. There's not much reason to go,though, since the moon is waning rapidly and won't rise until very late. I could look at the stars, of course, but the new leaves are hiding most of them. They are almost as hard to see as those nettles.

There are still no really hot days in the ten day forecast, although prediction is chancy this time of year and some of the days expected to be mild could end up being hot. There are still no warm nights in sight, either, and that is less likely to change. Chilly nights are not something I'm going to complain about, though. That they cause the furnace to come on is my fault. I've already complained about that. I'll try to remember to get the windows open tomorrow (and then close them before nightfall, as forgetting that is the other mistake I sometimes make.) It's supposed to get up to 77 degrees outside, which should be sufficient to get the house up to 70 or so. Then the house will probably stay above the furnace's trigger point (64 degrees) all night Saturday.

Oh, it's late again. How did that happen? Oh, I remember. Television distracted me. I am so easily distracted anymore. I think the gerbil I use for a brain must be getting old.

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