rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Yet More Mildness

There's not enough stuff in the air for decent sunsets these days. The stuff that is in the air is too small and too scattered. It's probably mostly pollen. Yes, the pollen is finally sufficient to start messing with me. So far it's mostly just a runny nose and a bit of sneezing, but I expect other afflictions (aches of various sorts) to arrive soon enough. It's odd that I got through the walnut tree pollen and the fruitless mulberry pollen without any trouble this year.

The stuff we're getting now is probably from various grasses, which tend to spew a lot of stuff into the air just before they dry out and become a fire hazard. Ah, the fire season. That will bring some spectacular sunsets. I'll be able to enjoy them as I'm fleeing for my life. But maybe that won't happen. At least not soon. The place is very unlikely to burst into flames tonight, for example, it's so cool out, and it even feels a bit damp.

Not damp enough for the frogs, though. I can hear only a very few croaking, and they seem farther off than they were even a few nights ago. They must be moving downstream to where there is still a bit more water. There's a nice pond a bit over half a mile from here, and that's probably where they are heading. Their voices won't carry far enough from the pond for me to hear them, though. I'm sure to be without frog music by the end of this week.

I'll be without lasagna by then, too, as I intend to eat the last package tonight. I was going to stock up on more at last month's sale price, but didn't have enough cash on hand to do so. So far this month the stores don't have any sale items I'm interested in. It might turn out to be a ramen month. Unless Grocery Outlet gets in a surprise item I like.

Time to microwave that lasagna.

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