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Still Warm [May. 8th, 2018|10:53 pm]
The weather web site keeps underestimating the daily highs. This afternoon got pretty close to sultry, but the evening has been pleasantly mild. I've enjoyed sitting on the back porch watching the feral cats eat dinner and listening to the cricket, who is still chirping away somewhere in the vicinity of the jasmine. The jasmine hasn't bloomed yet, but looks like it's just about to. There are quite a few buds waiting to open.

This evening I watered more of the yard, and saw that more foxtails are coming up. If they don't get pulled soon they will be drying out and jumping on to any passing cats (or skunks or raccoons or whatever fury thing decides to visit my yard.)

Plus they will be planting themselves to come up again next year. It might be that they'll have to be mowed, which means the cut plants will have to be disposed of in the wheelie bins so they can plant themselves at the landfill instead of in my yard. Worse, the lupines and other volunteer plants they grow among will have to be mowed down with them. I'd rather pluck the foxtails, but it's incredibly tedious, and very hard on my back and knees.

But I won't be doing any of that tonight. Tonight I'm just going to go waste away in front of the television again. I've wasted away in front of the computer all day. Equal time for the electronic vampires. I don't want either to get jealous of the other. One of the other might decide to electrocute me.