rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The cricket in my back yard is chirping again, so the cat didn't eat him last night. But tonight the same cat had a vole. The rodent was already dead when I saw it, but the cat was enjoying the game of batting the cadaver around on the back porch. The cricket is thus probably safe for now.

My lilacs are fading rapidly, and no longer attracting butterflies. I don't know where the butterflies have gone, but they aren't in my back yard. Not a single one showed itself while I was outside today. There must not be any other plants out there that appeal to them. Maybe I could plant some.

It's supposed to cool off a bit over the next couple of days, then warm up again, but the 90 degree high that was recently predicted for next Saturday has been canceled, and it's only going to be 88. The low eighties we've been getting haven't yet brought real misery, since the nights continue to be cool and so the house never gets really hot even during the day. The longer this pattern continues, the better. I'm not looking forward to the hot nights and blazing days of summer.

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