rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Last Gray

So far the rain hasn't amounted to much. Not even sprinkles or a drizzle. More of a dribble. The water accumulates on leaves or along the eaves of the house and after a while enough of it joins together and the resulting drop will fall with a soft splat. Perhaps the storm (if it can be called such) will intensify later. It could continue as late as early afternoon tomorrow, but we're now expecting no more than a tenth of an inch altogether. This neighborhood, though does sometimes get more rain than other parts of town— probably something to do with updrafts from the canyon— so my plants and I might still get lucky.

The guy next door did not come back today and turn off his back porch light, so I've got its glare in my back yard again. But then it's chilly and rainy so I probably wouldn't be spending much time out there anyway. And I don't feel like complaining since I got to see two hours of English people murdering one another tonight. Well it was actually one hour of murder and one hour of theft, but even English theft tends to be more interesting than the American variety.

It was nice to have a gray day, even in the absence of rain, as there are unlikely to be many (and maybe not any) more such this spring. I'll surely miss them very much when the heat arrives. About the only way we get gray skies in summer here is if everything has burst into flames, and then the air tends to be as much brown as it is gray. It smelled very good out today, like fresh grass and unburned pine trees, and damp. Tomorrow could be similar, at least until afternoon when the sun is likely to emerge and spoil things. Then it will be nine or ten days or more of rising temperatures. Summer's hot breath on the back of my neck. I hope I don't faint.

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