rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cool It

A web site I'm active at had a spamstorm today, and I kept getting notifications of replies to my comments, but the replies were mostly spam. I couldn't ignore them since I would then miss any real comments that I might want to respond to, so I just kept clicking the links and opening the pages. It ate up quite a bit of my time. I hope the webmaster can deal with the problem and eliminate those accounts by tomorrow, and that I don't get another slew of worthless emails.

I'm ready for the chilly weekend. It has been nice having my windows open every day, and late next week I'll be able to have them open again, but for the next few days it's going to be quite chilly for April. There is still some chance of rain Saturday and maybe Sunday as well. I still spent some time irrigating the back yard this evening, as I want to make sure the jasmine gets plenty of water, and I still have some hope, though scant, that the oleanders will be able to recover.

Tonight the moon is looking nice, being gibbous, and the sky is still cloudless. The clouds aren't expected until Saturday, but it's supposed to be very cool tomorrow anyway. I have no idea where the cold air is coming from. Maybe one of those looks Melania Trump has been giving The Donald since the Stormy Daniels story broke has escaped into the wild. Brrrr.

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