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So far I haven't been doing any sneezing despite the warm weather. I do have a bit of a headache, which might be pollen-related, but the stuff that makes me sneeze isn't around yet. I'm sure it will show up soon enough, but it's nice to have a few balmy days without it. The back back yard has a different set of plants growing in it this year, so that might be a factor. The dominant species this year is a vine-like plant with small, elongated leaves and tiny purple blossoms. I haven't figured out what it is, but it has apparently crowded out much of the wild oats we usually get. Another reason to like it.

The frogs are louder tonight than they were last night. I have no idea what kept them so quiet last night, but I'm glad to have them back. I've also been hearing what might be single cricket in the yard next door. That house has been vacant for a couple of months, and the landlord is fixing it up in preparation for selling it. He bought the place after the last real estate bubble collapsed, and I guess he wants to sell it and grab his profit before the current bubble peaks and starts to deflate.

The rain in the forecast is shifting about, and there is now a 50% chance on Saturday, with much smaller chances on Friday and Sunday. It's nothing to count on this time of year, of course, but I do remain hopeful. Even a little bit of rain every week or so through April can make a big difference in how green and flowery May is, and it's way more economical than irrigating.

I keep thinking there's something I've forgotten. In fact there are undoubtedly all sorts of thins I've forgotten, but there's probably no point in trying to recall them now. I'd just forget them again. All I need to do is wait until I forget that I've forgotten anything.

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