rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

In Flight

There was a helicopter circling the neighborhood a while ago. I'm wondering if it might have been responding to a report of a mountain lion. There have been spottings near here in recent weeks, with some cats and raccoons killed. The neighborhood where the incidents have happened is less than half a mile south of my house, so it's plausible that the lion would make its way up here.

WE actually get reports of lions in one part of town or another every couple of years. The last time anyone shot one was in 2012. Usually, if the authorities decide a particular lion is a threat, the Department of Fish and Game tries to tranquilize them and relocate them to unpopulated areas farther up in the mountains. I hope this guy either leaves or is relocated soon, as I do worry about my feral cats.

More enjoyable than the helicopter was a pair of honking geese who flew north very low right over my front yard shortly before sunset. I'd have expected all the geese to have been gone by now, but this pair must have remained behind for some reason. Perhaps they had trouble paying their hotel bills. They might have been victims of identity theft. Or maybe they just had to spend a few days in jail after going on one last drunk. Vacations can be so stressful.

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