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Tomorrow is to be shopping day this week, so I can avoid going out in Sunday's rainstorm. There isn't much on sale and thus isn't much to buy, which is a good thing since the nephew hasn't coughed up the money he owes me yet this month, and probably won't until next week. Then I will splurge on one thing or another. Though it would probably be best if I saved the splurge until May, since the chilly March and April means my power bill will be high this month. Well, I'll wait and see if any of the stores have really good bargains next week, or the next. If not, then May.

More weeds were pulled today, and the rose bed is just about free of foxtails now. The back back yard will have to wait until after Sunday's rain. I don't think there are very many foxtails there this year, as other plants are growing so profusely. But there still might be some young stinging nettles lurking among them, and those will have to come out. They are the ones that leap onto anything passing nearby, and as my feral cats don't like being combed the only way I can keep them from needing to lick bunches of nasty, sharp nettles from their fur is to eliminate the plants before they get big enough to do what they do.

The day wasn't quite mild enough to have the windows open, but I did have the back door open for a couple of hours. I also dried some laundry on the chain link fence between the back and back back yards. The dryer still hasn't been fixed, and I still don't have a clothes line, so the fence is the only place outdoors to dry stuff. I always worry that birds might crap on stuff when its out there, but they didn't today. I also got the stuff out rather late, so there wasn't quite enough time for them to get completely dry. The towels are now finishing their drying on the bathroom towel racks and over the shower door, and the socks and washcloths are on the indoor rack which I have in the living room. Everything ought to be dry before midnight.

I'll need to do more laundry tomorrow, if I wake up early enough. Maybe it will be dry by the time I get back from shopping. If I don't get it done tomorrow it will have to wait until Tuesday, which is the first day in the week when rain will be unlikely. I've dried stuff entirely on the rack in the living room before, but it takes forever, especially in rainy weather, and I'd rather not do that if I can avoid it. Tuesday will be chilly, but mostly sunny, while tomorrow will be warmer but partly cloudy. Six of one and half a dozen of the other, I suppose.

I just looked at this entry and realized that I have become a totally boring person with a totally boring life. I need some straight lines even more than I need a clothes line. I think I'l go out and listen to the frogs for a while. They don;t provide any straight lines, but they are able to make me forget the dullness of my life for a while.

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