rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Television gave me two hours of English people murdering each other tonight, except that the murder victim in one of them wasn't actually dead, just hiding out, which was an interesting surprise. It turns out that an English murders are more entertaining than other murders even when they don't actually happen! I'm convinced that America's murder rate would be much higher than it is if so many of us had not been put off murdering one another because, by seeing English murders on television, we knew we'd never be able to bring it off with as much style as an English murderer. Thanks, BBC! I'm sure that by now I'd have done away with dozens of people, very poorly, had it not been for your shows.

It was rainy here this morning, but the sun came out intermittently later in the day, and even though it wasn't very warm the feral cats seemed pleased by its return. I was pleased, too. I'll be even more pleased at not getting wet when I go shopping tomorrow. The sky might get me back when I go to the chiropractor Tuesday, though. The highest probability of rain that day is in the afternoon, when I have my appointment. The parking spaces at the chiropractor's office are fairly close to his porch, though, so even if it rains I probably won't get too wet. It's just that if it rains too hard I might not be able to get a ride, and will have to reschedule. I really don't want to delay this adjustment.

Those two hours of murder really took a chunk out of my schedule tonight. I'm way late getting things done now. Plus I was a bit short of sleep last night, and will soon be nodding off. Midnight is sneaking up. I think it wants to clobber me.
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