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Food and Rain - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Food and Rain [Apr. 5th, 2018|07:12 pm]
Dinner is cooking, and cats are meowing. That happens when I bake a ham. It's going to be ready in just a few minutes, and I have to microwave a yam, make some cole slaw, and boil the last of the asparagus, all in the fifteen minutes after I add the glaze (pineapple.)

Outside the sprinkles have begun. The predicted amount of rain tomorrow is down to 3.73 inches (still a impressive for one day) but the amount predicted for before midnight tonight has gone up to .74 inches. Also quit a bit.

There's not supposed to be any thunder and lightning with this storm. Still, it might get windy, so trees could still knock down a power line and bring an outage. I'm keeping the flashlight handy.

Comestible vegetation preparation time.