rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

True Beleafers

Over the last few days the oak trees have developed leaves. The lilac bushes are getting leaves, too, and lots of buds. There are catkins on the fruitless mulberry tree, which means there will soon be pollen, but maybe the rain that is supposed to start falling tomorrow afternoon or evening will wash some of it away. The projected rainfall on Friday in the latest forecast is now over four inches.

Since that prediction has been increasing about an inch a day, maybe we will actually get five, or six. It is supposed to be fairly warm rain, too, the high that day being 57 and the low that night 52. If it's that mild here, there probably won't be any serious snow in the mountains, and what is there now is likely to get dissolved. This does not bode well for next summer.

Though it was sunny most of the day, and overcast gathered late this afternoon, and now is quite heavy. I'm hoping it might settle earthward and we'll get a bit of fog. It probably won't, but it would be so nice to have another fog before the dry season sets in. We don't get them very often, and I recall we've only had one of any consequence so far this year. I miss the fog, and the quiet it brings.

There won't be a visible sunset tonight. I think I'll go out and watch dusk take shape. Maybe the frogs will sing through the gathering darkness.

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