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Existence [Apr. 3rd, 2018|11:15 pm]
My goodness, it's late. There was something on television I really wanted to watch, and then something else came on that I wanted to watch, and then another thing, and several hours later here I am. That happens more often these days. I believe I have been swallowed by communications technology. I move from television to Internet and back. They are just different parts of the beast's belly. And the only ways out are... those two. ::shudder:: I guess I'll just stay here and get slowly digested.

At least the communication on the Internets goes two ways. But despite that the sad fact is that there's another thing on television that I want to watch right now, so back I go. I promise to go outside and get some fresh air tomorrow. It will be too cold for open windows. The rain is still scheduled to arrive tomorrow evening, and the prediction for Thursday is now above three inches. That could get pretty interesting. Gee, I hope my power doesn't go out. I'd be unable to use Internet or watch television. Then I might forget I even exist!