rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Brrr, April

It's getting about five degrees colder every day until Thursday, when it bottoms out and the rain is supposed to start. Since April is turning into March (it might as well, since March started out as February) the weeds probably won't be coming up as fast. They are already pretty big, so I guess it's a good thing the cloudy cold is going to slow them down. The flowers will probably get delayed a bit, too, and the new leaves on the trees.

After this week's rain there will be only a couple of dry days before the next stor

Damn, what the hell was that? My browser just shut itself down for no apparent reason, and I had to reopen it. I hope this computer isn't going bad already.

Anyway. As I was saying, the next storm after this week's is supposed to arrive a week from tomorrow. A lot can happen over that much time, especially this time of year, so maybe it won't happen. I'd be happy to have more rain, though, since it's too early in the year to have to start watering the yard.

But I haven''t gotten around to putting the wheelie bins out yet. I should do it before it gets any later, since those plastic wheels make a lot of noise on the driveway, and it's just about the neighbors' bedtime.

After that maybe I'll go out and listen to the frogs for a while. It's going to requite a hoodie and a jacket tonight, though. It's going down to 45 degrees tonight, and it's getting close to that already.

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