rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Short of Sleep

It was still pretty warm today, and I got another six hours of fresh air into the house. I've also got a headache, probably from pollen. A slight cooling trend is going on, but it probably won't cool off enough to suppress the rampant sexuality of the vegetable kingdom. With luck I'll get some respite next Thursday, when there could be rain, which could last into the weekend. This weekend is going to be dry and mild, though.

Once again I woke up way too early, so I didn't sit in front of the television this afternoon or evening, for fear that I'd fall asleep and have another unintentional nap. Portia wanted me to, so she could take an intentional nap on my lap, but I resisted. She doesn't like napping on my lap when I'm at the computer, since my elbows bump into her as I operate the keyboard.

The moon is almost full tonight, and the clouds are scattered enough that it will probably be bright most of the time, so I might go out and watch the shadows of the still-bare trees creep across the lawn, and listen to the frogs for a while. It's pretty chilly out, but compared to what it was just a week ago it's downright balmy, so I'll just put my hoodie up and deal with it.

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