rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The rain fell as predicted, but it never turned into a thunderstorm. That has now been put off until tomorrow. We shall see. It also didn't get as cold as predicted today, and it isn't supposed to get very cold tonight, but tomorrow evening there is to be a break in the storm and it could get very cold indeed tomorrow night, and subsequent nights as a colder storm moves in. In fact the window of opportunity for snow has been moved to late Saturday and early Sunday. That's getting dangerously close to interfering with my shopping schedule.

Despite the absence of thunder and lightning the evening has grown quite blustery, with winds that are now and then strong enough to rattle the windows. This afternoon we had about half an hour of fairly decent fog, with visibility down to two or three hundred feet at times, but the wind came up and blew it away. Tonight, in between noisy gusts, I can hear the frogs, who are positively reveling. They must greatly enjoy the warmish rain that has engorged their stream and ponds.

The wind has me worried about power outages, especially since the ground is now quite wet around the roots of all those sickly trees we've got in town, so I'm going to post this and let the computer go to sleep now.

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