rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It appears that I've been enjoying television too much for the last several days, and it is cutting into my Internets time. I'm not getting around to everything I want to do. It hasn't helped that my connection has been acting up, probably as a result of the changeable weather.

Today that weather was mild again, but it's chilling rapidly tonight as the cold front that is bringing the next storm moves in. There will be rain by tomorrow afternoon, and it is now predicted to last through late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, with a foreshortened possibility of snow very early Saturday morning. Wednesday is expected to be the wettest day, with over two inches of rain.

But now I have to go deal with the wheelie bins, which I totally forgot again. I'm not sure there will be any dinner tonight, as it's getting too late to make what I'd planned. I'll probably end up with my old fallback, ramen. Then more television. I need to get to sleep early tonight, as the gas company is finally doing its work on my street, and will probably start making noise around eight o'clock in the morning. It will be impossible to sleep through that.

I hope the trash trucks will be able to reach my bins. If they can't I suppose they'll come back again later in the day, though. I don't care when they pick the stuff up, as long as I'm not stuck with it for another week.

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