rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More of This

All of yesterday's snow had been washed away by eleven o'clock this morning, plus any snow that might have fallen while I was sleeping last night. No more fell this afternoon, and it is unlikely that the snow that had been predicted for tomorrow will arrive. It's going to be cold, but probably not quite cold enough for snow. More rain is possible in the middle of next week, but it is expected to be warmer rain. It looks like the snow, such as it was, is over for this winter. Spring, which begins in four days, is unlikely to bring snow, though it sometimes did back in the olden days. Like twenty years ago.

By now I ought to have adjusted to the change in the time, but I don't feel adjusted. Perhaps my minimal exposure to sunlight during this period of storms has slowed things down. Unfortunately after two sunny or mostly sunny days, Sunday and Monday, we'll be back to overcast skies again for another three or four days. Even the equinox is supposed to be rainy. But I am avoiding the need to irrigate any plants, so there is a good side.

On the other hand, since the power bill that comes this month probably covers only the period up to the tenth, all gas I've used during the cold nights since is going to show up on the bill that comes in April. I usually get a break in April, but this year it looks like I won't. That's going to more than cancel out any savings from using less water.

Oh, well. I can just eat a bit less and tighten my belt another notch. Although that means I'd have to buy a belt. Sigh.

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