rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Truncated Entry About A Lost Entry

Sluggo must have been pissed off by the entry I just wrote. He crashed before I could post it. There was nothing about him in it. I wonder what could have sent him into his blue screen paroxysm?

There was something about The deer I saw night before last, and the fact that I dreamed about deer after seeing them. In the dream, they were not in my street, where I had seen them, but grazing on the grass under the trees in the orchard, by starlight. They were conversing telepathically with one another, but I couldn't understand what they were saying. All I knew for sure was that they were aware of the fact that I was dreaming about them.

There was also something about how I accidentally left the porch light on for a couple of hours last night after going out to fetch a cat. When I next went out, I was struck by the fact that there were no lepidoptera. In past summers, whenever I left the light on at night, dozens of them would swarm about. Now there are none. I wonder where they have gone?

I also said something about the fact that, when I buy a can of mixed nuts, I always end up with a goatload of cashews left over. I'm not fond of cashews. It's probably just me, but I think that a nut simply shouldn't be that sweet. I need to live with someone who likes cashews, but not almonds, filberts, brazils and pecans. That is a good reason to have a roommate, isn't it?

There were a couple of other things, as well, but none of them were anything that ought to have annoyed Sluggo. I wonder why he destroyed the entry? Maybe he's just being a putz.

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