rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Things Falling

Rain and snow mingled for hours this morning, but snow finally won a temporary victory and covered the ground to about two inches before the rain returned and began melting it away. Thanks to the rain and the heat escaping from my house into the poorly insulated attic, all afternoon the downspouts were running as the snow on the roof melted. The snow fell again from time to time, so the roof never ran out, and the downspouts are gushing still.

Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty much the same as today, though with perhaps a bit less snow. The longest period of snow is predicted Saturday, when it could fall from midnight until about noon. As rain is expected to follow again, it probably won't last any longer than today's snow did. The streets ought to be clear when I go shopping Sunday.

A while ago I was on the back porch and I heard a strong wind blowing, though I felt only a moderate breeze. The noise of wind approached from the south, and passed to the east, heading north, sounding like a swarm of traffic heading along a highway, but there is no highway to the east. I don't know what this strange phenomenon was, but it lasted less than a minute, so the patch of moving air was not very long. Perhaps the sky was falling. Whatever it was, it's over now, and I'm pretty sure the sky is still there. But I won't know for sure until tomorrow morning.

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