rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The day turned out to be a bit milder than predicted, but it's supposed to get much cooler tonight and then hardly warm up at all from tonight's low tomorrow. It's also supposed to start raining soon, and tomorrow's rain could be accompanied by strong winds. The forecast is now predicting a much as two inches of rain tomorrow. A blustery storm is not ideal for my visit to the chiropractor. I hope I don't have to cancel the appointment, but it depends on my ride.

The onset of daylight saving time is still messing with me. The extra hour of evening light caused me to misjudge how late it was getting, so I'm behind the time. Nothing saved. I still have to deal with the wheelie bins, and then fix something for dinner. Probably ramen, since i'm getting such a late start.

Quite suddenly the forecast is showing three periods when it could snow this week: early Thursday, when there could be from 1-3 inches, Midday Friday when we could get from 3-5 inches, and very early Saturday, for which no estimate is provided. Each fall is apt to be short lived, though, as rain will follow to wash it away. The snow should last longer up in the mountains, though. The Forest Service map shows quite a few areas that have accumulated over 100 inches so far, and this series of storms could add quite a bit to that, but the totals will still be well below normal. Every bit helps, of course.

The enormous clouds that hovered over the mountains today were a welcome sight, and as the clouds didn't arrive in the west until evening the mountain clouds were bathed in sunlight all afternoon. Unfortunately they made me crave whipped cream, which I have none of. I settled for a cup of pistachio ice cream. Not quite the same. The sky turned quite gray before sunset, but that didn't make me crave anything. I guess it's a good thing there is no gray food.

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