rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bad Timing

The shifting of the clocks has deranged my schedule again, and I've run out of time. It was a nice day,though. Down at the lower elevation of Safeway it was 70 degrees this afternoon. That will change tomorrow, and change more the next day as the storm moves in.

The forecast is still predicting as much as five inches of rain from Monday evening to Saturday morning. Of course this is always uncertain this time of year. Most likely we will get some rain, but it might turn out to not be very much. Or we might get inundated. If the latter, I hope it won't be Tuesday, as I have to go back down the hill to the chiropractor. But however rainy Tuesday gets it won't be balmy.

Anyway the grocery shopping is done so aside from the neck-yanking I don't have to go out again until next week. I can deal with being stuck in the house. There are cinnamon graham crackers. I feel bad for the feral cats, though. It's going to be an unpleasant week for them if the forecast is right. Joy of frogs is misery of cats.

Sunday Verse


by Hart Crane

It sheds a shy solemnity,
This lamp in our poor room.
O grey and gold amenity, —
Silence and gentle gloom!

Wide from the world, a stolen hour
We claim, and none may know
How love blooms like a tardy flower
Here in the day's after-glow.

And even should the world break in
With jealous threat and guile,
The world, at last, must bow and win
Our pity and a smile.


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