rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The weekend rain has been all but canceled— showers remain possible tomorrow afternoon— but starting Monday rain or showers will be possible for seven days in a row. Most likely it won't work out that way, of course, and the only day with a 100% chance of rain is Tuesday. Tuesday, of course, is the day of my next appointment with the chiropractor. This does not please me.

Another surprise in the forecast is a brief (three hour) window of opportunity for snow early Thursday morning. Again, this prediction seems unlikely to be fulfilled, and even if we do get a bit of snow that morning it would most likely get washed away by subsequent rain before I had a chance to see it, since I'll probably be asleep at that time.

Even though it's getting colder, the frogs are still singing tonight, but I can't enjoy listening tot hem because the three big dogs who live in the two houses beyond my back fence have been barking all evening. Actually they've been barking a lot all day. I don't know what has set them off. Tonight it might be a raccoon, but there were no raccoons out in the daytime. Perhaps they are predicting an earthquake, though if so Portia and my feral cats are failing to do so. They were pretty sedate today, just napping in patches of sunlight. Portia has been a bit restless, but I think that's only because when it gets chillier she can't make up her mind if she wants to stay in or (once she's gone) out.

Sunday night daylight savings time begins, aka the night I lose an hour of television. It also means my chiropractor appointment Tuesday is effectively an hour earlier than usual. I hope I wake up early enough that I don't have to rush to get ready. Adjustments are easier if I have some time to do relaxation exercises before heading down there.

Heating up canned tamales for dinner. I can melt extra cheese onto them tonight since Safeway has a sale on shredded cheddar this month, and I want to use up my current supply to make room for more.

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