rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Dull

The dryer has been opened up and its innards cleaned out. There was a lot of old lint that had escaped the filter and lodged itself in various places, though I don't think that is what caused the malfunction that destroyed my sock the other day. Still I'm going to try using it, but I'll be keeping an eye on it whenever I do, just in case it decides to burst into flames. I'd still like to get it replaced.

The cooling trend is continuing, though it is gradual. There is rain predicted for the weekend, but only showers by Sunday afternoon, so that's when the shopping trip is scheduled. There was rain last night, but the clouds had thinned by the time I woke up and there was sunshine in which the feral cats sunned themselves. But the dryer took up most of the afternoon, so I didn't join them. I went out to listen to the frogs for a while this evening. Now I'm going to turn on the television and let it put me to sleep. It's gotten very good at that.

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