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I forgot the Oscars were on tonight, but because the show ran long I didn't miss the Dead Reel, which is the only part I really want to watch. My thanks to the Academy, and to all the people who dawdled and made overlong speeches. This is for you!

Only a few small patches of snow, each only a few inches across, survived last night's rain and this morning's warming. It's as though the storm never happened. Of course, what was originally predicted actually didn't happen, which seems normal these days. Not happeningness is a drag.

Just to be sure I won't run out, I bought more than a month's worth of cat food today. It was on sale, though not at the best sale price I've ever gotten, so if it ends up getting cheaper later in the month I'll be pissed off at myself, but the cats won't care. I also bought food for myself, but nowhere near as much as the cats will get.

On the whole the day was pretty dull— like me. The doldrums I feel might be letdown from the storm that wasn't. I got all excited at the prospect of lots of snow, and when the whole event just fizzled out there was no way to restore the energy I'd spent in anticipation, and no source of new energy such as I might have gotten from the fulfillment of my expectations. There's no expectation of anything interesting happening in the near future, either, so I guess I'm stuck with the dullness for now.

So it goes.

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