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In Like a Lion


* WHAT...Heavy snow. Travel will be very difficult to impossible.
Total snow accumulations of 3 to 5 feet, with localized amounts
up to 7 feet above 3500 feet including at pass level. Foothill
locations above 2000 feet can expect 8 to 16 inches with local
amounts up to 2 feet.

* WHERE...Foothills and mountains of northern California.

* WHEN...4 PM Wednesday to 10 PM Saturday.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Significant reductions in visibility are
possible along with areas of blowing snow. Wind gusts to 65 mph
at higher mountain locations.


A Winter Storm Warning for snow means there will be snow covered
roads and limited visibilities. Travel is not recommended while
the warning is in effect. If you must travel, keep an extra
flashlight, food and water in your vehicle in case of an
emergency.The latest road conditions for the state you are
calling from can be obtained by calling 5 1 1.

It actually got up into the high fifties today, and the sunlight did manage to melt most of what remained of the recent snowfall, so there will be no icy underlayer for the much larger snowfall that will probably begin sometime tomorrow night. At this elevation it is possible that the snow will continue falling as late as early Sunday morning, so it's possible that the roads will be too difficult for a Sunday afternoon shopping trip. It will depend on whether the town's snowplows (and any additional equipment that might be hired) will be able to clear them.

If the forecast is accurate, this will be the biggest snowstorm we've had here in over two decades. During that storm we lost power for almost three days, and it was two more days before they got around to digging out our street. Our yard was under about two and a half feet of snow that time, and we never got around to getting the driveway completely dug out. We just waited for the snow to melt off of the rest of it. We also had a backup wood stove in the house then, but it's gone, and the gas heater that replaced it isn't working. This could get grim if the power goes out.

We need the snow, and I do enjoy an occasional snowstorm, but it would have been nice if it had spaced itself out through the winter instead of coming all at once. Rain is to being late tonight, but the snow probably won't start falling in earnest until late tomorrow night or even early Thursday, and could continue for two days or more. If I vanish from the Internets it probably won't be until Thursday, but I might then be gone for several days. Send Saint Bernards with brandy, please— cat-friendly Saint Bernards, if possible.

I haven't heard from PG&E what is to become of the scheduled replacement of the gas line, but I can't imagine they'll attempt it this week. Then, after the storm passes we get only a couple of days of respite before the next storm arrives Tuesday afternoon. It is to be a somewhat warmer storm, though, and so far is predicted to bring only rain. If there's a huge amount of snow that next storm ought to be useful for melting it all away, which I suppose is a good thing, though if there is any damage to utility lines the heavy rain could delay the repair jobs, which would not be a good thing at all.

I am seriously way too old to be dealing with this sort of crap.

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