rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Winter

My local local weather station, which is a pretty reliable guide to our microclimate, is offline tonight, so I have to make do with comparing two other stations, one at a slightly higher elevation and one slightly lower. The slightly higher one is predicting a one hour window for snow tomorrow, from eleven o'clock. I suppose I might be awake at that hour, and if it falls I'll get to see it, if it gets down this far. The slightly lower station is predicting only possible showers tomorrow.

The next snow prediction after that is Thursday, but only for about two hours in the morning. After that, there could be snow Friday morning and then late Friday evening. Saturday isn't in the forecast yet. I'm still hoping that we get at least some snow out of all this nasty cold. But then a watched pot never boils, they say. Though a boiling pot surely makes a bad metaphor for snow, unless it means that a snowstorm is a nice time for a hot cup of tea and some biscuits.

Today I remembered to check the new ads on the grocery web sites, so my shopping list for the week is made out already. There's not much on it again, as not very much stuff I want is on sale. I don't know why the stores have had so few good deals this month, but I hope they do better in March. I'm going to run low on the stuff I've stocked up on over the last few months if I have to keep getting into it, and I'll need to replenish it.

My sleep schedule has been getting odd again, and I'm not sure when I'll be likely to conk out tonight. This might be an insomnia night, since I've overslept quite a bit lately and insomnia usually follows that. I'd just as soon get the insomnia night over with before the weekend, as I don't want it interfering with the shopping trip.

Or maybe I can just go on oversleeping until the cold weather is over. A semi-hibernation. That would be nice.

I'll bet all those birds who flew north earlier this month are regretting it now. If I go out and listen maybe I'll hear them coming back.

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