rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


My back problem turned out, not surprisingly, to be a displacement of the sacroiliac. After a few attempts, the chiropractor finally got it back into its proper place, though I have to be careful with it for some time, and I'll probably be sore for a few days. Because it was out of place for quite a while I ended up twisting some other joints, and they will also take a while to readjust. My hips are both pretty sore tonight, and I won't be sitting for long. If they don't improve by next week I might have to make another appointment. Otherwise I'll be going back in four weeks, as usual.

I stopped at the store on the way home and picked up a few items they were out of Sunday or that I just didn't feel like hoisting from the shelves (usually lower ones that would have necessitated bending or stooping, neither of which I wanted to do.) If I get no relapse shopping should be easier next week.

Although winter is definitely back, there were things blooming all over town. Rather distressingly a few freezing nights are forecast next week. Those plants are going to regret having bloomed, if plants have regrets. I will certainly regret their having bloomed, as when actual spring arrives it's going to be less colorful than it would have been had they not.

It's getting very uncomfortable sitting here. I'm going to go make some soup and watch the television

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