rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A chilly and quite vigorous wind has come up, and I'm hoping that it doesn't lead to a power outage. I need to get some sleep tonight so I'll be in condition to go to the chiropractor tomorrow, and being cold makes it harder to sleep, not to mention miserable to shower should the furnace be unusable tomorrow. I'm also still hoping that whatever is causing my back pain is merely something out of place in my spine that the chiropractor can fix, and not something like the onset of kidney failure.

My sister came over before I woke up today and took the wheelie bins out to the street for tomorrow's pickup, which was nice, but I haven't yet emptied the small trash cans from the house, and there is a lot of used kitty litter that has to go out, too, all of which I will have to carry out to the street. It also means either opening the no-longer-automatic garage door, which could be hazardous, or taking the long way to the wheelie bins through the front door, which will involve carrying the weight down some steps, which could also be hazardous. I wish I'd thought to do some of this last night.

I can hear the wind getting even more boisterous, so I think I'll post this now. I also want to use the microwave, while I've got electricity.

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