rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Set to Chill

The long range forecast is shifting again, and now it appears that colder weather will arrive this coming weekend, with highs as low as the upper fifties and lows in the upper thirties. While that's more like the season, there is still no rain predicted. Wintry temperatures without rain is the worst of both worlds. I guess I should be more careful what I complain about. If we aren't going to get any rain we might as well be warm, at least.

The only good thing about lower temperatures alone is that they will slow or stop the blooming of the plants, so they can save their energy for actual spring. But that will become pointless if they never get enough water to bloom properly once spring does arrive. It's really about the water, weathermakers, not so much the temperatures.

And once again my Internet connection is acting up. It has already cut out several times tonight, and I have to keep a close eye on it to see when I get to open a page or fetch email. The problem is most likely AT&T's cable reacting badly to the increased range of temperatures. It has already dropped almost twenty degrees from today's high, and more than half that decline has been over the last two hours. Such diurnal ranges will prevail for quite some time to come, so I guess I'l have to get used to the flakiness.

The stuff that's been on sale at the stores lately has been insufficient for me to provide much variety in my menu this week. Tonight will be ramen with mushrooms and vegetables, and I'll be repeating that later in the week. There will be chili one night and tamales— rather similar meals— another night, and I'll probably make some pasta one night, though I have no Parmesan cheese to put on it. If I get to go shopping on Friday and the stores have decent sale items this week I'll be able to have more variety after that. If not, I have no idea what I'll eat this weekend. Probably more soup.

But tonight is trash night and I must put the wheelie bins out. And remember to check for mail while I'm out there, which I forgot to do today. It's almost time for the bills to start arriving, though the scary one— gas and electricity— won't show up for another week or so. I'll just pretend there is no such thing until it actually comes.

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