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If California had a groundhog there'd have been no point in his coming out today. Spring is clearly already here. In fact if California had a groundhog he'd probably have predicted there'd be six more weeks of spring before summer hits sometime around the middle of March. That would mean that double summer would arrive in June, and then the entire region would spontaneously combust and disintegrate into a pile of ash. Except for San Francisco, of course, which would be fogged in as usual.

I can remember an early February not long ago when we had thirty inches of snow on the ground, but it was so mild today that I got to leave my windows open for five hours. I'll probably get to leave them open even longer tomorrow, which is expected to be warmer still. But my shopping trip has also been moved to tomorrow, so I won't be here to enjoy about two hours of it— probably the last two hours, as by the time I get home it will be just about time to close up the house. I doubt that I'll ever again need to have the windows closed because there is thirty inches of snow on the ground.

When I go out into the back yard tonight I can hear not only the frogs nearby but, off in the distance, a wood chipper. Most likely someone has spent the day clearing brush and is now disposing of its woody parts, or perhaps more diseased pine trees have been felled and the beetle-infested branches are being pulverized. But ever since i saw Fargo the sound of a wood chipper running in that sparsely-built part of town has always made me wonder if perhaps a serial killer is disposing of the cadavers of his victims. I have long suspected that this backwater is a bedroom community for serial killers who commute to other parts of the state to commit their crimes, then bring the bodies home to get rid of them. The place just has that sort of feel to it.

Speaking of murder, English people will be doing it on my television in a few minutes, but first I want to go out and see if the wind is blowing. Some gusty breezes arose just after dusk and I thought we might be in for a windy night, but the next time I went out the air had fallen still. I went out again a bit later and heard wind blowing in the canyon to the east, and I'm thinking it might come back up here eventually. It's still probably damp enough from the recent rain that I can enjoy the wind without worrying about a fire getting started. Next week that might no longer be the case. It dries out pretty fast around here when the rain stops falling. This might be my last chance to enjoy worry-free wind this year. It wouldn't even be too bad if the power goes out, as it isn't going to be ery cold tonight so I wouldn't miss the furnace very much.

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