rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Thank goodness! Although the weekend is still expected to be warm, that high of 76 degrees that yesterday's forecast predicted for February 8 has been revised downward to a mere 71. Sadly, there's still no rain in sight. For the time being the lawns (and the emerging wild plants) are green, but they could turn brown pretty fast if they don't get rain, since I don't intend to water anything grassy this year. Watering is likely to be restricted again, and I don't want to waste any when the shrubs and vines will need it so badly. Not to mention the walnut tree.

There will be no shopping tomorrow. I'll go on Sunday this week. The stores are less crowded then, which is nice, but it means I'll be doing without donuts for three mornings in a row. A donut is part of my routine six days a week, and I bought the package I finished today last Friday. Had I known I wouldn't be going to the stores until Sunday I could have bought the other brand which has eight donuts in a package. I guess I'll make something like cinnamon toast instead.

The slightly warmer day today allowed me to get a couple of hours of fresh air into the house, and I'll probably be able to get a bit more tomorrow, but the night is still getting pretty chilly. The frogs don't seem to mind, and continue to croak happily. I don't look forward to losing their evening concerts, which is what will soon happen if we don't get more rain. Their swampy-edged stream will dry up, and the evenings will be silent again. I do not like you, drought.

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