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Although I did fall asleep too early last night and thus missed the beginning of the eclipse, I woke up about the time totality began. I got to see the dim, red moon between two pine trees for a few minutes before it settled too low and the trees obscured most of its light. The event turned out to be sufficiently unexciting that I was able to go back to sleep, and then napped off and on for the next six hours. Cats finally insisted that I get up and feed them, so I did.

So it goes.

And a week from tomorrow it goes crazy, if the weather forecast is right. It's now predicted to be 76 degrees on February 8. Here. This is just not right. This should not be allowed. I'm thinking we should file a class action suit against the jet stream.

Also not right is my Internet connection cutting out again. It's been happening all evening. Odd that it worked fine all through the rainstorm, then starts failing when it dries off. It used to be the other way around. Technology is just weird.

I getting the feeling that there was something I was going to do today that I've totally forgotten. If it's not just some bit of mild paranoia, I'll probably remember what it was just as I'm dropping off to sleep, and then worrying about not having done it will keep me awake. So that usually goes. Brains are just weird, especially when they get older.

I'm going to go out for a while and listen for flocks of birds flying north, and then I'm going to ask the television to make me sleep again. It almost always fulfills my request.

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