rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Moon Night

It will be almost six hours before the eclipse begins, and a bit less than nine hours before the period of totality begins. I don't know how I will either stay awake until we reach totality, or wake up before the moon is entirely hidden behind the pine trees. NASA is going to have a live feed beginning at 2:30 AM PST, which is just before the moon enters the penumbra, and if I'm awake then and I remember, I might look at that. Early risers on the east coast will be able to watch the feed to see the period of totality, which will occur after EST sunrise, but I'll probably be asleep then.

If I were still in my twenties I'd probably just stay awake all night and watch the eclipse, and then stay up all day and go to sleep early tomorrow night, but I can't do that sort of thing anymore. In fact I find it hard to believe that I was ever able to do such things, even though I did in fact do them frequently when I was young. I suppose I ought to have replaced that broken alarm clock, so I could wake up sometime between six and seven to see at least a bit of totality (probably at the early end, as the moon will be behind the pine trees soon after.) Too late now, though there is another total eclipse (though not of as big a moon, I think) on January 21, 2019 that will be visible from North America.

Now I'm wondering if I ought to have bought some Moon Pies for the event. I don't really have any moon-related snacks on hand. I suppose I could toast an English muffin and put some of that red currant jelly on it, though. That might actually be more appropriate for a blood moon celebration than a Moon Pie, which is brown, would be. English muffin has craters in it, too. Well, we'll see if I remember to do that if I am awake. If I sleep through the whole thing, there's always tomorrow for the muffin. I'm not sure a toasted muffin with currant jelly would be an entirely satisfactory compensation for having missed the eclipse, but it couldn't hurt.

But right now I have to go eat something more substantial than a muffin. I might microwave the last of my frozen lasagnas tonight. I've got fresh fixings for a salad, too, which I haven't had the last couple of times I've microwaved lasagna. And of course there's a roll for making garlic toast. Then if I miss the eclipse at lest I'll have had a nice dinner to remember the night by.

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