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Moon News

As today was milder than yesterday, tomorrow will be milder than today was. If our forecast is correct, Tuesday night and Wednesday morning will be only partly cloudy, which means I'll have a pretty good chance of seeing the Super Blue Moon Eclipse— that is if I'm awake at the right time of the morning.

In the Pacific time zone the partial umbral eclipse will begin at 3:48 a.m., the total eclipse will begin at 5:52 a.m., the peak will be at 6:30 a.m., the total eclipse will end at 7:08 a.m., and then the moon will set before the partial umbral eclipse ends. In fact the sky will be getting pretty light by the time the total eclipse ends, because that's about when the sun will rise. Everything happens a bit earlier in time zones to the east (the link has schedules for each time zone.)

As my sleep schedule is pretty random and unpredictable anymore, I might well be comatose that entire time, and as I have no functional alarm clock anymore I'd end up missing the whole thing. However, I've been waking up pretty early recently, and then going back to sleep a short time later most days, but with an eclipse as an incentive (assuming I remember that it's happening) I might be able to wake myself up fully and go out to watch, though I don't know if any early waking I do that day will be before or after totality is reached. Also, if I get up too late the moon will be hidden behind the pine trees to the west, and there's nowhere within walking distance that I can get away from moon-blocking pines.

I would really like to see it, not just because the first time in about 150 years that a total lunar eclipse in North America has coincided with both a super moon and a blue moon. After all, the eclipse looks the same whether it's a blue moon or not, a blue moon being simply the name given to the second full moon in a single month. It's just that at my age I can't be certain I'll even be around for the next lunar eclipse of any sort, even though there is another one set for January 19, 2019 (my birthday present eclipse, if I survive until then!)

Anyway, that's what's coming up. Tonight is just going to be another chilly, partly cloudy night, and I'll undoubtedly fall asleep in front of the television yet again. But it will be Saturday television, so I won't be missing much. And tomorrow I have free since iv'e already done the shopping. Oh, and the Belgian dark chocolate is pretty good. The almonds in it are both plentiful and very crunchy. I'll probably buy more next week if they've still got any in stock.

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