rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Gone, Gone, Going

Well, the rain is over and, as I suspected, we got no snow. And the rain is over for quite a while, if the current forecast is correct. There is none predicted for the next ten days. We are doomed! But we will get a couple of mild days this week, and some mildish days to follow, and most of the nocturnal lows will be considerably above freezing, so I will be doomed, but will also have a slightly lower gas bill this month.

Shopping is going to take place tomorrow. There isn't much to buy, and even less to buy it with, so it shouldn't take too long. I will have to buy some cat food and some kitty litter, but my purchases for myself will be minimal— soup, butter, orange juice, beans. When the nephew raids my larder this week he'll be sorely disappointed. Better him disappointed than the cats. The cats purr for me and never talk.

Speaking of cats reminded me of crows. For the last few days there have been crows all over the place. One morning they were joined by a raven who was in a nearby pine tree for several minutes making those musical clicks ravens sometimes make. We don't hear ravens very often, which is unfortunate because they are much more pleasant to listen to than are the raucous caws of their crow cousins. I've been hearing more than enough of those recently.

This computer probably wants a nap. Last night I forgot to turn it off before falling asleep, and when I got up today I started using it and got hung up, and have had it on ever since. The television is going to think I don't love it anymore. Must go watch it before it gets jealous and does something desperate and destructive, like repeatedly switching itself to a channel showing Doctor Phil, or Congress.

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