rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


We've been getting a decent, fairly steady rain since early this afternoon. But although it feels quite cold outside, it is looking less than likely that we'll be getting any snow from this storm tonight. If there is any it's apt to be only a bit of slush. There's a pretty good chance that the rain will continue tomorrow, but as it will taper off in the evening before the freezing temperatures are reached there probably won't be any snow then, either.

After that it starts warming up again, maybe even getting into the low sixties on Sunday and Monday. And although it will get colder again after that, there is no rain currently forecast for next week, just dry cold. And then it's February, and winter is wearing away.

But for now I can hear the rain beating on the roof and running from the downspouts, flowing away to irrigate spring's plants. It sounds like the wind is picking up a bit, too, as I hear an occasional spattering against my window panes. But as long as the power stays on I can remain, if not quite cozy, at least not freezy. And I can watch television, if anything is on. I will go see about that now. It's taking way too much gas to keep this extra room warmish.

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